eVal Business Valuation Services

eVal provide independent data-driven business valuation reports and industry analysis. Our specialist valuation team can advise on all aspects of performing a company valuation, including valuation methodology, valuation multiples, cost of capital and peer company analysis. We offer a market-data perspective, which is rigorously supported by technical analysis, empirical research and experience gained from conducting and supporting numerous valuation assignments. For more information about eVal's business valuation service, please contact us.

Our business valuation reports include various quantitative analyses, and maximise the use of techniques that draw heavily on observable market data. eVal's expert business, investment, and company valuation service is based on our proprietary data-driven valuation software. Our business valuation service is tailored for valuation professionals, business owners, and investors:

Valuation Professionals

Our valuation services include:

Business Owners

Our valuation services include:

Investors and Advisors

Our valuation services include:

Our valuation service is competitively priced, with fees and scope of work agreed in advance. We adapt our business valuation reports to each client's identifiable needs, ensuring that each business valuation is rigorously backed by underlying market data and eVal's comprehensive data analysis and peer company review.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

eVal Multiples - Box Plot
eVal Multiples - Regression

eVal's SaaS platform provides access to eVal's proprietary business valuation calculator and quality peer company analysis tools. Our exclusive company valuation platform was developed to reduce users' reliance on traditional spreadsheet valuation models, and to guarantee seamless integration between valuation and the underlying financial and market data.

eVal's proprietary SaaS platform significantly reduces the time taken to perform company valuations and produce data-driven business valuation reports. Utilising eVal's SaaS platform eliminates users' need to clean and manipulate the underlying raw data; and because we have automated the calculation of over 30 financial ratios, including EBIT(DA) Margin, and Return-on-Equity (ROE), users' automatically benefit from not having to perform extensive calculations on peer company data, thereby giving users' more time to conduct appropriate analysis.

For those who want to accurately determine the value of a business or equity investment, the valuation of private/unlisted companies can now be completed in 3 straightforward steps:

  1. Select sector and industry
  2. Review and revise industry peer group companies
  3. Input private company data

Our SaaS platform ensures that eVal's users can receive accurate and reliable business valuation reports, as specified and managed by the end-user. eVal's business, company and investment calculator is available for valuation professionals and practitioners who require independent data-driven business valuations for the following purposes:

For more information about eVal’s business valuation service, or for a free trial of our company valuation calculator, please contact us.

Portfolio Valuations

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eVal offers business valuation services for institutional and professional investors, private equity groups, hedge funds, and their advisers. Our independent portfolio valuation service can assist general partners in enhancing the credibility and transparency of investor reporting; and it can also help limited partners better reconcile and review the pricing and valuations received from general partners.

Clients utilise eVal's portfolio valuation service to obtain accurate, reliable valuations and eliminate the appearance of bias in the valuation process. We have extensive experience dealing with auditors, and can ensure that are valuations are defensible, independent and free from any perceived conflict of interest or bias.

We offer a timely, accurate data-driven portfolio valuation service, powered by eVal's proprietary business valuation software, whose analytics provide company valuations and valuation sensitivities.

eVal can tailor the portfolio valuation service to meet each client's specific needs and requirements. Whether you are a general partner wishing to reduce perceived bias in your portfolio valuation reports to investors; or whether you're a limited partner wishing to review and analyse third-party valuations, we are able to assist.

We can deliver our portfolio valuation reports in various formats at an agreed regular interval. In the absence of specific valuation policy, our portfolio valuation service is consistent with International Private Equity and Venture Capital (IPEV) Valuation Guidelines. For more information about eVal’s portfolio valuation service, please contact us.

Company Valuation Service

eVal Valuation - Regression Output

Our business valuation service is tailored to each client's individual requirements and valuation demands. Before performing a company valuation we talk to clients to better understand their precise needs, to ensure we provide users with a range of meaningful options, and to guarantee that each valuation is personalised, appropriate, and consistent with globally recognised methods of valuation.

Our data-driven valuation service utilises eVal's proprietary valuation software and database of peer company valuation multiples to accurately determine a company valuation. Our market segmentation and data analysis allows us to appropriately reflect the market's assessment of value, adjusted for points of differences between the target company and the industry peer companies. For more information about eVal’s business valuation service, please contact us.

Bespoke/Custom Valuation

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In addition to providing custom business and company valuation reports, eVal can help clients with a range of valuation and associated services. Clients can utilise eVal's bespoke business valuation service to supplement current valuation capabilities. For more information about eVal’s bespoke valuation service, please contact us.

We can assist clients with valuation and financial modelling of more complex and illiquid investments; and in addition, we can support clients throughout the valuation process, including identify appropriate comparable companies, assessing the validity of financial forecasts, determining an appropriate cost of equity or calculating a suitable weighted average cost of capital (WACC).

Business Valuation Review

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eVal offer an independent business valuation review service for valuation professionals, business owners, accountants, investors, fund managers, and financial advisors. We provide various levels of in-depth valuation reviews and pricing analysis, ranging from positive/negative assurance, to data-driven business valuations, or detailed valuation review reports expressing our objective opinion regarding the credibility of the business valuation report under review.

We can review external reports for compliance, technical-related issues and credibility; or review your own in-house valuations to confirm whether the valuation marks fall within a reasonable range.

eVal adapt each business valuation review to each client's specific needs, ensuring that our valuation reviews are conducted using agreed upon procedures. The work we perform can easily be integrated into your valuation framework, to ensure robust pricing procedures, or to verify external business valuation models or calculations provided by investment managers. For more information about eVal's valuation review service, please contact us.